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    We are looking for buyers or importers who are interested in “Actun Pump with Aroma”
    Спрос | 02.10.2012, 15:55

    New product launching! We are looking for buyers or importers who are interested in "Actun Pump with Aroma” and distribute into their markets.

    We are a developer and manufacturer in Republic of Korea of Actun Aroma Pump with which refresh minds and feelings.
    We are currently exporting to Japan successfully and to expand our market, we are searching for new buyers in every country. If you have an interest, please contact to us. (hoon_chung@yahoo.co.kr)

    *Actun [ The first and only portable aroma pumping system in the world ]

    The portable Actun Aroma Pump allows enjoyment of aroma fragrances whenever and wherever you are. The delicate fragranceof natural essential oil allows a refreshened indoor life. Health and well-being is becoming an important factor and trend in modern society. Actun provides portability and convenience in every aspect of environment (Home, office, classroom, library, transportation vehicles, health club, yoga center, etc) enhancing mental and physical relaxation. Health is the foundation of our future and Actun is a LOHAS product providing the purity and freshness of nature within a polluted city environment. Actun is a simple remedy for those who have little knowledge of aroma therapy or those who have avoided aroma products due to its' complicated usage.
    * Feature
    Actun can be worn when performing indoor activities. Actun pumping system reacts to the movement of the user and when the emitted fragrance is inhaled, airborne molecules interact with the limbic system in the brain. ( the limbic system control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, and stress levels.)
    Feel the natural and delicate aroma fragrance of Actun. Strength of the fragrance emitted increases depending on the level of movement. The fragrance can be blocked when not in use by pressing the toggle button, and fragrance released if the toggle button is opened.
    1) Dynamic : When the toggle button is in the open position the internal piston will pump depending on the strength of movement of the user.
    2) Static : When the toggle button is in the open position without any piston action, the fragrance will be emitted faintly.

    ai.esmplus.com ai.esmplus.com

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