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    We are looking Customer for our quality Milk Products
    Спрос | 01.10.2012, 23:42

    We are looking Customer for our quality products Dinamik Milk and Milk Products a KARAKOÇ GÜBRE ve YEM SAN. LDT. STI. Corporation. Haydar Demir 0090-507-5416041 haydard_@hotmail.com

    Started life in 1993 KARAKOÇ GÜBRE ve YEM SAN. LDT. ŞTİ. 3 days, 7 staff and tools are installed with 6000 Lt per day. collect 50 to 60 tons of milk and monthly sales of feed which was a company position.

    Our company started to grow over time log collection capacity of 160,000 liters of milk into a larged. Milk marketing network, and our 3000 number has reached say.

    Total 72 staff work with our strong and growing every day with our ethics, our milk and milk quantity in our own factory in 2008 to handle DİNAMİK Milk and Milk Products factory Salihli Organized Industrial Zone on 12.000m2 open area formed in a closed area of 3500m2.

    About Business stager Kashkaval cheese, Feta cheese, Feta cheese semi and full-fat, village-type Nomad cheese, thread cheese( another form from Mozzerella cheese) curd, butter,, buttermilk are product Quick DetailsProduct Type:Cheese

    Type: Fresh Cheese
    Cheese Type: kaskaval,Feta cheese , Nomad-style cheese

    Processing Type: Fermented

    Origin: cow,goat,sheep
    Packaging: Vacuum Pack

    Certification: HACCP

    Place of Origin: Turkey
    Until this day, our growing company with equity capital, to new projects quickly put to work more quickly.
                                                       Our mission
    Our first priority is customer satisfaction as a Dİnamik Milk. Give us the power of the trust of our customers without sacrificing quality and to always offer a better consumer rights not only by law, the good and high quality products produced by the manufacturer aware of the protection're moving all the time.
    All our employees and business partners with the company using the latest technology in the first national brand to make the world-wide.

    Dinamik Süt ve Süt Ürünleri Ldt. Sti. | Manisa / Salihli dinamiksut.com.tr

    Добавил: Anatoliy | Контактное лицо: Andriy E | Телефон: 096-3170347
    Просмотров: 262 | Размещено до: 01.11.2012
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