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    Opportuntity for Global Sales Development and International Trade Entrepreneurs
    Информация | 14.10.2012, 00:30

    Hello, my name is James Vena and I am the founder of iComTrader Global Management. We are offering a franchise like opportunity to qualified individuals and companies to join a uniquely designed global sales, consulting and trade ecosystem. Here is our current ad:

    Become an iComTrader Authorized Representative in your area and join a Global Business Development Team that has thousands of clients in it's network and international ecosystem.

    iComTrader Global Management offers many services to our worlwide clients that are seeking global business development. 

    These Services Include:

    Online Presence and Online Promotion via iComTrader Online .

    Sales Represenation in Local Territories.

    Export Sales

    Market Research

    Market Entry


    Consulting and Global Business Development Services

    Business Matchmaking and Partnership Structuring

    Commodity Sales (we represent a few physical commodity sellers)

    About iComTrader - iComTrader Global Management is a traditionally structured, yet uniquely designed global business development company, that endeavor's in the globalization of business, products and services, for companies seeking sales and expansion into the growing world marketplace.

    iComTrader offers its clients access to buyers and sellers, globally, through a worldwide network of offices, staffed with international trade development and import/export professionals.

    We combine our skilled global sales team, with the internet, to create a highly efficient and cost effective way to assist client sales growth, into new international markets.

    Visit http://www.icomtrader.com to learn more About Us

    E Mail Sales@icomtrader.com to request a copy of our latest Independent Agency Agreement to see if iComTrader is offering the opportunity that you have been looking for to start your own business!

    We require that all applicants first REGISTER to our website prior to requesting more information. 

    If after viewing my profile, you require my expertise and services for your business or upcoming projects, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Добавил: Anatoliy | Контактное лицо: James Vena E | Теги: Presentation, colaboration
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