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    We are looking for importer or buyers
    Предложение | 01.10.2012, 23:28

    We are looking for importer or buyers which are interested in our "Nutrition Blueberry Energy Bar” from Korea and distribute into their markets.

    We are a manufacturer which makes energy bars with blueberry. We are located in Korea and sell our brand in Korea, To expand our business to overseas, we are searching for a distributor in every country. We can also provide products fitting for every market demand. If you have an interest, please contact to us. (hoon_chung@yahoo.co.kr)

                                     Below is the brief summary of product

    The key point of our energy bar is gluten free and no food additives. Main Ingredient : Blueberry juice, Dried blueberry, carbohydrates, Quality Proteins, Vitamins, Fiber, Oatmeal, Brown rice

    1) "Energy Bar" for leisure Sports
    It helps to recover energy lost from work outs and also helps to relieve painful tension in your muscles making it a great snack before and after exercise.
    2) "Slim Bar" for female
    It is made of for females and includes highly added dried blueberry and extracted blueberry juice, which has been shown to reduce calories and promote good health. Blueberry also reduce risk of ovarian cancer.

    3) "Smart Bar" for Highteens and Kids

    Studies have shown that people who eat a cup of blueberries a day performed 5~6% better on motor skill tests. Positive results have been seen on people with multiple sclerosis as well. Blueberries have an affinity for the areas of the brain that controls movement.
    It seems to that growing children can benefit as well by eating blueberries in order to nourish the brain
    4) "Energy bar –light”
    Everybody enjoy very comfortable with value and quality ingredients.

    Добавил: Anatoliy | Контактное лицо: Andriy E | Теги: entrepreneurs in Ukraine
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